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There isn't a single consistent way to refer to episode numbers. Some numbering systems are described here, including the one this wiki uses.


Video titles

The YouTube video titles include an episode number in them up until Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games (shown as "Episode 87"). Episodes after this point do not include episode number information, except Episode 100.

However, the "Monoptitude" episode was not included in this numbering. If "100th" episode was indeed number 100, then working backwards, Monoptitude must have been included in the count. Otherwise, one of the two "best of" episodes would have had to have been counted. Another possibility is an unaired episode being included in that count.


IMDB has nearly all the episodes listed under "Season 1". One episode, #131 Gang Beasts, is listed under an "Unknown" season. It does not list an episode 99, and episodes 97 and 98 seem to be transposed.


On rare occasions the episodes are referred to in a "S01E01"-like format, but there seems to be no authoritative source on when the season breaks were.

Fandom Wiki

The Geek & Sundry Fandom wiki has season 2 starting after Episode 50. Its numbering stops at Shenmue (shown as season 2, episode 63).


There were two "best of" compilations, sometimes referred to as being of "season 1" and "season 2," although the video titles do not specifically mention seasons.

The first best-of aired after Episode 64 (Shenmue) and included clips from episodes up through Episode 58 (Dynasty Warriors 3).

The second aired after Episode 95 (Secret of Evermore) and included footage right up to that episode.

As those were the only best-of compilations, there's no clear end to season 3. For the purposes of the table below, we'll consider the air date of these best-ofs as season breaks.

Co-Optitude Wiki numbering

The system used on this wiki goes by air date for all regular episodes, including Monoptitude, not including bonus videos or compilations.

The numbering coincides with the video title numbers for episodes 1 to 51, then Monoptitude is counted as 52, then episodes 53 to 88 correspond to "52" to "87" in the YouTube titles. Episode 100 is the 100th episode special.

The Flog

An exhaustive list of The Flog episodes has not been compiled for this wiki. The numbering of those episodes may need review.

Bonus videos

Bonus videos, compilations, and promos are numbered on this wiki by using the current or previous episode number, followed by a dot, followed by a sequential number indicating the order in which it aired. E.g. Marble Collection was the bonus content for Episode 22, so it is numbered "22.1". Best of Co-Optitude aired between Episode 64 and Episode 65 and is numbered "64.1". The show trailer occurred before the first episode and is numbered "0.1".

This system is purely internal to this wiki and makes chronology easier to track. It is not a system used anywhere else.

Conversion table

This table attempts to translate between the different numbering systems. The columns are as follows:

  • Wiki Number: The numbering system this wiki uses.
  • Title Number: The episode number in the YouTube video title, if any.
  • Fandom Wiki: Episode/season numbering on the G&S Fandom wiki.
  • Best-of: Sequential numbering assuming the airing of the "best of" videos indicate season breaks. Monoptitude is included in this numbering.
  • iMDB: The numbering iMDB shows (as of February 23, 2020).
Wiki Number Game(s) Title Number Fandom Wiki Best-of iMDB
Episode 1 Golden Axe II 1 S1E01 S1E01 S1E001
Episode 2 Goof Troop 2 S1E02 S1E02 S1E002
Episode 3 Sonic the Hedgehog 2 3 S1E03 S1E03 S1E003
Episode 4 Road Rash 4 S1E04 S1E04 S1E004
Episode 5 Nickelodeon Guts 5 S1E05 S1E05 S1E005
Episode 6 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time 6 S1E06 S1E06 S1E006
Episode 7 Goldeneye 7 S1E07 S1E07 S1E007
Episode 8 Revolution X 8 S1E08 S1E08 S1E008
Episode 9 Mega Bomberman 9 S1E09 S1E09 S1E009
Episode 10 Pokémon Snap 10 S1E10 S1E10 S1E010
Episode 11 Nagano Winter Olympics '98 11 S1E11 S1E11 S1E011
Episode 12 Secret of Mana, pt 1 12 S1E12 S1E12 S1E012
Episode 13 Secret of Mana, pt 2 13 S1E13 S1E13 S1E013
Episode 14 Super Mario Kart 14 S1E14 S1E14 S1E014
Episode 15 Super Smash Bros 15 S1E15 S1E15 S1E015
Episode 16 Gauntlet IV; Vapor Trail: Hyper Offence Formation; Paperboy 16 S1E16 S1E16 S1E016
Episode 17 The Legend of the Mystical Ninja 17 S1E17 S1E17 S1E017
Episode 18 The Lost Vikings 18 S1E18 S1E18 S1E018
Episode 19 Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers 19 S1E19 S1E19 S1E019
Episode 20 Pokémon Stadium; Hey You, Pikachu! 20 S1E20 S1E20 S1E020
Episode 21 Nightmare on Elm Street; Friday the 13th 21 S1E21 S1E21 S1E021
Episode 22 Marble Madness 22 S1E22 S1E22 S1E022
Episode 23 Jurassic Park 23 S1E23 S1E23 S1E023
Episode 24 Streets of Rage 24 S1E24 S1E24 S1E024
Episode 25 Worms Armageddon 25 S1E25 S1E25 S1E025
Episode 26 Mario Party 4 26 S1E26 S1E26 S1E026
Episode 27 WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Party Game$! 27 S1E27 S1E27 S1E027
Episode 28 Battletoads 28 S1E28 S1E28 S1E028
Episode 29 Fighting Force 29 S1E29 S1E29 S1E029
Episode 30 X-Men Legends, pt 1 30 S1E30 S1E30 S1E030
Episode 31 X-Men Legends, pt 2 31 S1E31 S1E31 S1E031
Episode 32 Zombies Ate My Neighbors 32 S1E32 S1E32 S1E032
Episode 33 Final Fantasy VII 33 S1E33 S1E33 S1E033
Episode 34 The Great Circus Mystery, Starring Mickey and Minnie 34 S1E34 S1E34 S1E034
Episode 35 Herc's Adventures 35 S1E35 S1E35 S1E035
Episode 36 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 36 S1E36 S1E36 S1E036
Episode 37 Alundra, pt 1 37 S1E37 S1E37 S1E037
Episode 38 Alundra, pt 2 38 S1E38 S1E38 S1E038
Episode 39 Donkey Kong Jungle Beat 39 S1E39 S1E39 S1E039
Episode 40 Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure 40 S1E40 S1E40 S1E040
Episode 41 Star Wars, Episode I: Jedi Power Battles; Silent Hill 41 S1E41 S1E41 S1E041
Episode 42 Barbie Race & Ride; Mary-Kate and Ashley's Winner's Circle 42 S1E42 S1E42 S1E042
Episode 43 LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 43 S1E43 S1E43 S1E043
Episode 44 Superman: The New Superman Adventures 44 S1E44 S1E44 S1E044
Episode 45 Parasite Eve 45 S1E45 S1E45 S1E045
Episode 46 Donkey Konga 2 46 S1E46 S1E46 S1E046
Episode 47 Conker's Bad Fur Day 47 S1E47 S1E47 S1E047
Episode 48 Super Monkey Ball 2 48 S1E48 S1E48 S1E048
Episode 49 Scooby-Doo! Classic Creep Capers 49 S1E49 S1E49 S1E049
Episode 50 Mario Kart 8 50 S1E50 S1E50 S1E050
Episode 51 Resident Evil 4 51 S2E51 S1E51 S1E051
Episode 52 Devil Dice S1E52
Episode 53 Rival Schools 52 S2E52 S1E53 S1E052
Episode 54 Katamari Damacy 53 S2E53 S1E54 S1E053
Episode 55 Kingdom Hearts, pt 1 54 S2E54 S1E55 S1E054
Episode 56 Kingdom Hearts, pt 2 55 S2E55 S1E56 S1E055
Episode 57 Universal Studios Theme Parks Adventure 56 S2E56 S1E57 S1E056
Episode 58 Dynasty Warriors 3; Bubble Bobble 57 S2E57 S1E58 S1E057
Episode 59 StarTropics 58 S2E58 S1E59 S1E058
Episode 60 TowerFall 59 S2E59 S1E60 S1E059
Episode 61 Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 60 S2E60 S1E61 S1E060
Episode 62 Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards; Rampage World Tour; Perfect Dark 61 S2E61 S1E62 S1E061
Episode 63 Crazy Taxi 62 S2E62 S1E63 S1E062
Episode 64 Shenmue 63 S2E63 S1E64 S1E063
Episode 65 Family Feud 64 S2E01 S1E064
Episode 66 Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds 65 S2E02 S1E065
Episode 67 Torchlight II 66 S2E03 S1E066
Episode 68 Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara 67 S2E04 S1E067
Episode 69 Hammerwatch 68 S2E05 S1E068
Episode 70 Power Stone 69 S2E06 S1E069
Episode 71 Cooking Mama: Cook Off 70 S2E07 S1E070
Episode 72 Twisted Metal 71 S2E08 S1E071
Episode 73 Home Alone 72 S2E09 S1E072
Episode 74 Jet Force Gemini 73 S2E10 S1E073
Episode 75 Chrono Trigger 74 S2E11 S1E074
Episode 76 The Adventures of Cookie & Cream 75 S2E12 S1E075
Episode 77 Dance Central 3 76 S2E13 S1E076
Episode 78 Super Mario 3D World 77 S2E14 S1E077
Episode 79 Chariot 78 S2E15 S1E078
Episode 80 Muscle March 79 S2E16 S1E079
Episode 81 Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 80 S2E17 S1E080
Episode 82 The Typing of the Dead 81 S2E18 S1E081
Episode 83 Trauma Center: New Blood 82 S2E19 S1E082
Episode 84 Hatoful Boyfriend 83 S2E20 S1E083
Episode 85 Rayman Legends 84 S2E21 S1E084
Episode 86 The Wonderful 101 85 S2E22 S1E085
Episode 87 I Am Bread 86 S2E23 S1E086
Episode 88 Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games 87 S2E24 S1E087
Episode 89 Tiny Brains S2E25 S1E088
Episode 90 Samba de Amigo S2E26 S1E089
Episode 91 Nidhogg S2E27 S1E090
Episode 92 CSI: Hard Evidence, pt 1 S2E28 S1E091
Episode 93 CSI: Hard Evidence, pt 2 S2E29 S1E092
Episode 94 Cook, Serve, Delicious! S2E30 S1E093
Episode 95 Secret of Evermore S2E31 S1E094
Episode 96 Shiftlings S3E01 S1E095
Episode 97 Spelunky S3E02 S1E096
Episode 98 Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened S3E03 S1E098[1]
Episode 99 Catherine S3E04 S1E097[1]
Episode 100 Goof Troop S3E05 S1E100
Episode 101 Guild of Dungeoneering S3E06 S1E101
Episode 102 Guacamelee! S3E07 S1E102
Episode 103 X-Files S3E08 S1E103
Episode 104 Twister Mania S3E09 S1E104
Episode 105 Lara Croft & The Temple of Osiris S3E10 S1E105
Episode 106 Magicka 2 S3E11 S1E106
Episode 107 Pieces S3E12 S1E107
Episode 108 Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego S3E13 S1E108
Episode 109 Duck Game S3E14 S1E109
Episode 110 Five Nights at Freddy's 4 S3E15 S1E110
Episode 111 Knock-Knock S3E16 S1E111
Episode 112 Rocket League S3E17 S1E112
Episode 113 Octodad: Dadliest Catch S3E18 S1E113
Episode 114 Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime S3E19 S1E114
Episode 115 Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes! S3E20 S1E115
Episode 116 Mayan Death Robots S3E21 S1E116
Episode 117 Organ Trail S3E22 S1E117
Episode 118 Shift Happens S3E23 S1E118
Episode 119 Shovel Knight S3E24 S1E119
Episode 120 Mount Your Friends; Goat Simulator S3E25 S1E120
Episode 121 BattleBlock Theater S3E26 S1E121
Episode 122 New Super Mario Bros U S3E27 S1E122
Episode 123 Surgeon Simulator S3E28 S1E123
Episode 124 Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine S3E29 S1E124
Episode 125 Lego Dimensions S3E30 S1E125
Episode 126 Ibb & Obb S3E31 S1E126
Episode 127 Job Simulator S3E32 S1E127
Episode 128 Affordable Space Adventures S3E33 S1E128
Episode 129 Apotheon S3E34 S1E129
Episode 130 Crypt of the NecroDancer S3E35 S1E130
Episode 131 Gang Beasts S3E36 [2]
Episode 132 Crawl S3E37 S1E132
Episode 133 Samurai Gunn S3E38 S1E133
Episode 134 Pokémon Go S3E39 S1E134
Episode 135 Secret of the Magic Crystals S3E40 S1E135
Episode 136 Stikbold S3E41 S1E136
Episode 137 Donkey Kong Jr Math; Math Blaster: Search for Spot S3E42 S1E137
Episode 138 The Warriors S3E43 S1E138
Episode 139 Broforce S3E44 S1E139
Episode 140 Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens S3E45 S1E140
Episode 141 Superhot S3E46 S1E141
Episode 142 Overcooked S3E47 S1E142
Episode 143 One Finger Death Punch S3E48 S1E143
Episode 144 Manual Samuel S3E49 S1E144
Episode 145 Alien Storm S3E50 S1E145
Episode 146 Chicken Invaders; Fishing Planet S3E51 S1E146
Episode 147 Death Road to Canada S3E52 S1E147
Episode 148 Pac-Man 256; Super Dungeon Bros S3E53 S1E148
Episode 149 My Best Friends: Cats & Dogs S3E54 S1E149

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  1. 1.0 1.1 iMDB has correct air dates for these episodes but has the episode numbers transposed.
  2. iMDB lists this episode under season "Unknown" all by itself.