Episode 63

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Felicia and Ryon play Crazy Taxi.

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Crazy Taxi
Platform Dreamcast
Published Sega, 1999
Hosts Felicia Day
Ryon Day
Director of cinematography Omer Ganai
Executive producers Felicia Day
Sheri Bryant
Editing Andrew Jewell
Graphics Steven Sprinkles
Music Jason Charles Miller
Production assistant Annie Liu
Stats (as of January 12, 2020)
First aired September 29, 2014
Duration 12:39
Views 160,069
Likes 3,732
Comments 564


Felicia: "Mahalo, everybody!"

Ryon: "Hey. I don't know what that's all about."

Felicia: "It means hello in Hawai'ian."

Ryon, mimicking her glottal stop: "'Hawai'ian!'"

Felicia: "Today we're playing a very special game that was suggested by you again."

Ryon: "Wait, why is it special?"

Felicia: "No, it isn't."

Felicia, looking at Ryon in hat: "God, your hair looks like a pinhead."

Ryon, putting hat on Felicia's head: "What do you look like? You look like a fucking piece of shit. There. Now we're even."

Felicia, pointing to the flowers in her hair: "I was trying to feminize my large men's Hawaiian shirt."

Ryon: "Not with that hair length you're not."

Off-camera: "Wow."

Game, in morning DJ voice: "Hey hey! Come on over, have some fun with Crrrazy Taxi!"

Ryon, in DJ voice: "Hey hey hey! Ho ho!"

Felicia: "Oh god, that's horrible! That voice is so Sega!"

Ryon: "That's really bad. I hate it. I feel—"

Felicia: "That is like the Sega tonality."

Ryon: "I feel like such a rebel. [doing voice] Hey! Welcome to Sega land! Hey! Huh-huh!"

Felicia, in DJ voice: "The results of your CAT scan came back and you've got cancer!"

Ryon, in DJ voice: "Cancer! Crrrazy cancer!"

Ryon, in DJ voice: "We're gonna listen to some rebellious music, like Bad Religion and Offspring!"

Felicia: "Oh oh oh, look, we have options."

Ryon: "Oh god, we got—"

Felicia: "What's that guy's name?"

Ryon: "Douchebag, [changes to next driver] douchebag, [next] douchebagette, [next] douchebag."

Felicia: "My turn. What is brake? What is brake?"

Ryon: "Uh, I didn't use it. Brake is running into another car."

Felicia: "Oh god, this music. It makes me feel like I have an IV into a Monster drink."

Ryon: "Oh, 'The Original Levi's® store'. She's gonna get some ill-fitting jeans."

Felicia: "Wow, I wonder if they paid for some product placement."

Ryon: "Oh god, I'm so good."

Felicia: "Don't try to make that catchphrase work. It's not gonna work. 'I'm so good' is not gonna ever happen."

Ryon: "It is. It's gonna happen."

Ryon, singing to All Star: "Hey now, you're a rock star, stop your car, hey, hey."

Ryon, singing to Walkin' on the Sun: "Might as well be drivin' on the sun. That's a shitty song too."

Ryon: "I keep trying new strat's. I keep trying leet strat's."

Felicia: "You know what? Our initial strat's were good. We just need to go with them more."

Felicia backs into the sea on accident

Felicia: "Why did it go in rezerse? Reverse?"

Ryon: "Rezerfs?"


Ryon: "10 shitty 90s songs."

Felicia: "25 dead civilians"

Cue points

0:00 "This week" preview
0:17 Opening theme
0:26 Host intro
1:41 Game begins
7:17 "90's Karaoke of the Week"
12:01 Rating and outro
12:29 End card/promo
12:36 Closing theme
12:39 End video


  • Around the time the gameplay begins, the video seems to freeze for about 13 seconds. It happens again at the end of gameplay for about 5 seconds. This is present on YouTube at all resolutions and even in the downloaded video, indicating it may have occurred prior to transcoding.


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