Episode 91

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Felicia, Ryon, and Wil Wheaton play Nidhogg.

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Platform PC
Published Messhof, 2014
Hosts Felicia Day
Ryon Day
Wil Wheaton
Director Zac Eubank
Director of cinematography Omer Ganai
Executive producers Felicia Day
Sheri Bryant
Editing Aline Oliviera
Graphics Natalia Daniels
Music Jason Charles Miller
Gaffer David Thompson
Makeup Cat Paschen
Stats (as of January 12, 2020)
First aired April 27, 2015
Duration 13:02
Views 151,387
Likes 3,743
Comments 294


Wil: "And it has a font on it that is a Celtic font."

Felicia: "It's a Celtic-ish font."

Wil: "Yes."

Felicia: "Somebody is going to find that font and post it in the comments, and I will say thank you, sir."

Wil: "Why would you go to the comments? Bro, do you even internet?"

Felicia: "Fifty Shades of Felicia."

Wil: "That's the worst image that I think I could possibly—"

Felicia, brightly: "Did you see that movie? Did you and Anne go on Valentine's Day?"

Wil: "The fuck is wrong with you!?"

Felicia, laughing: "Did you go?"

Wil: "No!!"

Felicia: "It's so sweet."

Ryon: "No, instead they did a reading. You did the audiobook version of that, didn't you?"

Felicia: "He did!"

Wil: "I did. I did. Um. And I—"

Ryon: "And he's wearing a gray shirt, just like Christian, his last name."

Wil, pained: "Yup. Yup. I, um— And I also, uh—"

Felicia, laughing: "We made you speechless! We made Wil Wheaton speechless! Achievement!"

Ryon, decoding player colors on screen: "So I'm lime, you're butterscotch, and then Wil is pee pee?"

Felicia, after falling down chasm: "Oh, what!?"

Wil: "Oh! Who died!? Spoiler alert: it was you."

Ryon: "I win. I get eaten by the giant penis. [as player] Take me, penis!"

Felicia: "Okay, let's do some variants, guys."

Ryon: "Let's mix it up. Let's get it kinky in here. Come on."

Felicia: "Okay, please don't."

Wil groans uncomfortably

Ryon: "Wait, did they crucify me?"

Felicia: "Uh, it's a semi-crucifixion."

Wil: "I dunno, it's pretty crucif— I mean—"

Ryon: "It's pretty full-on crucifixion."

Ryon: "Bye! I'm gonna get eaten by a giant penis! No I'm not, I'm just gonna tease it. I'm gonna edge it."

Felicia: "If somebody paid you a thousand dollars, would you eat pee sorbet? Your own pee sorbet?"

Ryon: "Yeah, it's sterile when it comes out, dawg."

Felicia: "What about somebody else's?"

Ryon: "Enh, fifteen-hundred. Fifteen-hundred."

Wil, reaching end: "Ahhh-haha! Oh yeah! Oh, it feels so good in a spree of victory! Look at how much time I'm spending here! Awwwww yeaaaah! Oh you guys! Hrngggh! Mmmmm! Oh god, look at what I'm doing! Yeah! Look at him go!"

Ryon: "You look like you're scooting like a dog."

Wil: "I'm sort of like, I'm dragging my ass on the carpet. [snake eats him] Ohhh!"

Ryon: "You're a sore winner!"

Ryon: "You don't expect 'em to come from behind, do you?"

Wil: "I kinda do."

Wil: "Oh my god, you're gonna glitch and you're gonna lose!"

Ryon: "You bugged it. You bugged it. You can't win."

Felicia: "You're fucking kidding me."

Ryon: "Undefeated!"

Felicia: "Guys, I won! I won for sure!"

Wil: "No, it doesn't look like you won."

Ryon: "No."

Felicia: "The penis refuses me!"

Ryon: "Does that look like a victory condition to you?"

Wil: "No, does not look like a victory to me."

Ryon: "I see a suspicious lack of giant, flying, pink dicks."

Wil: "Yeah. I don't— Yeah."

Felicia: "Guys, this is not fair! This is unfair in every way!"

Wil: "Kinda like life."

Wil: "He just knows that making you want it—"

Felicia: "Yes. He's like, 'You want it? You want it? Here's a penis.'"

Ryon: "He was edging you."

Felicia: "It's like any good sex is, 'You want it? No. You want it? No.'"

Ryon: "Any good sex is based off denial?"

Felicia: "No, it's not. I don't know what— Please let's not talk about it."

Ryon: "So many GIFs. So many animated GIFs."

Felicia: "Oh! I got my first blow."

Ryon and Wil: "I remember my first blow!"

Felicia, doing awful French accent: "Oh! Hello! Eh you open ze door, you get my butterscotch."

Wil: "I'm rendered inert by you doing an accent that doesn't sound like a Jamaican."

Felicia: "Blah! Golden showerrr! [kills Wil] Blah! Golden showerrr! Blahhhh! [kills Wil] Golden— blahhh! [kills Wil]"

Wil: "What is going on!?"

Felicia: "Guys, this is it. This is our last one. Last one. Let me redeem myself. I mean, really, if it's not good then I'll just use the last one where I won as the last one to end."


Ryon: "10 golden showers"

Felicia: "52 butterscotch badonks"

Wil: "12 Wheaton beards"

Cue points

0:00 "Warning: Bad audio"
0:02 "This week" preview
0:16 Opening theme
0:24 Host intro
1:56 Game begins
6:21 "Unprompted Plug of the Week"
11:35 Rating and outro
12:52 End card/promo
12:59 Closing theme
13:02 End video


  • On Wil's show, TableTop, they have a running gag of awarding a trophy to the winner of that episode, but due to budget they have to reuse the same one and simply write the winner's name on a piece of tape on the trophy, which he peels off and sticks on their shirt for them to keep. So the joke here was Felicia gave Wil a proper trophy to keep with a proper engraving on it.


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