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Felicia and Ryon play Fighting Force.

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Fighting Force
Platform PlayStation
Published Eidos Interactive, 1997
Hosts Felicia Day
Ryon Day
Director Sean Becker
Executive producers Felicia Day
Sheri Bryant
Editing Sean Becker
Graphics Steven Sprinkles
Music Jason Charles Miller
Production assistant Annie Liu
Stats (as of January 12, 2020)
First aired January 6, 2014
Duration 22:19
Views 141,740
Likes 3,842
Comments 504


Felicia: "Alright, you guys ready? You ready to rock?"

Ryon: "You ready to be tough?"

Felicia: "You ready to be tough? You ready to rock it?"

Ryon: "You ready to beat our way through a fully immersive 3D environment?"

Felicia: "Yeaaaaah! From 1997?"

Ryon: "You ready to choose between two male and two female characters with individual strengths and strategies?"

Ryon: "Okay, what are we doing?"

Felicia: "We're gonna play this game."

Ryon: "We're gonna choose from between two male and two female characters—"

Felicia: "Okay, we got it. We got it. You can't be a spokesperson for this 1997 game. I'm sorry!"

Ryon: "Oh, wait, backstory."

Felicia, reacting to the cutscene being skipped: "Oh no!"

Ryon: "Good one!"

Felicia: "You wanna reload it?"

Ryon: "Nope."

Felicia: "Okay."

Ryon: "Okay, do I wanna be Canadian tuxedo here or—"

Felicia: "You used that one time before and nobody from Canada got that."

Felicia: "I forgot to be entertaining because I was so enthralled."

Ryon yawns

Felicia, yawning: "I know. It's hard killing people."

Felicia: "Oh, that's an axe! Gimme it!"

Ryon, picking it up: "Alright."

Felicia: "Oh, god dammit."

Ryon: "Look at it. It looks like a twig in his gigantic hands. [hitting enemies] Can I axe you a question?"

Felicia, hitting Ryon on accident: "Oh, sorry."

Ryon: "You're my worst enemy in this game. Half your destruction bonus comes from beating the fuck out of me."

Ryon: "Oh, wait, it takes up your life to do your [special move]—"

Felicia: "Oh, that's why you're dying, dude."

Ryon: "Alright, well, wait. I thought I was invincible. Well, I guess I shouldn't be doing that, huh? I'll be the first person in the history of gaming to die with the invincibility mode on."

Ryon: "Oh, what? He's like, 'I've had enough of your silly martial arts shit. I'm just gonna bust a cap in your ass.' This valet's had enough of surly customers."

Ryon: "Oh, Hans Gruber! Okay."

Ryon, noting names of enemies: "Kelly. And Sacha. [singing] Kelly and Sacha and Vixen and—"

Felicia: "Kelly."

Felicia: "Fuck you! Oops, sorry. I'm trying not to swear as much."

Ryon: "Bullshit."

Felicia: "Ooh, nice knife. Oh yeah. Gimme that. Knife to meet you! Knife to meet you! That was from Outlands. Quote."

Felicia, singing: "Carpal tunnel and I don't care, carpal tunnel and I don't care."

Felicia: "Is that a video store? That's how you can really know it's old fashioned."

Felicia: "Oh, what? That's like a troll from ZG in Warcraft."

Felicia: "Can you just put him down please? You're invincible when you're carrying that troll."

Ryon: "I know, it's great."

Felicia: "Could you put him down please?"

Ryon: "No. I found a bug."

Felicia: "God dammit."

Ryon: "Do you think they're still taking bug reports for this game?"

Felicia: "Come on, dude. Put him down!"

Ryon: "Nope."

Felicia: "He doesn't want to be up there!"

Ryon: "Nope."

Felicia: "Come on!"

Ryon: "He does. He's having fun. 'Wheeeee!'"

Felicia: "He's not like a two-year-old."

Ryon: "Can you wreck the hotdog cart? We can wreck the hotdog cart. Look at that back tattoo."

Off-camera: "Why did it explode?"

Ryon: "It's got a propane and propane accessories hotdog cooker, that's why."

Ryon: "What is this, a Dillard's over here?"

Felicia: "Oh, we probably have to go to Dillard's."

Ryon: "We gotta go to Dillard's."

Felicia: "I heard they have a sock sale."

Felicia: "God, it's really gross when you do it [a swan dive]. It's not graceful. It's just weird."

Ryon: "The man wanted to be a dancer his entire life. He just wanted to dance. That's all he ever wanted to do was dance."

Ryon: "You know where he learned this move?"

Felicia: "What?"

Ryon: "From his figure skating career."

Felicia: "Oh my god, was he an Olympian?"

Ryon: "He was an Olympic figure skater."

Felicia: "He was an ice dancer."

Ryon: "Nagano '98, this was the winning move."

Ryon: "Alright, the mall is now free of shirtless men, valets, men in suits."

Ryon: "I bet I can swan dive through the toll booth. No I can't."

Felicia: "Nope. Oh, you can kick 'em."

Ryon: "The MTA guys aren't gonna like this. I don't know, maybe we do need to go into the turnstile. I mean, it makes sense, right?"

Felicia: "Yeah, it makes sense that we would go this way."

Ryon: "Alright, let's just keep beating it up."

Felicia: "I don't think it's gonna do anything, dude."

Ryon: "Maybe we have to go actually buy a metro card."

Felicia: "Really!? They're going to make us— They're gonna— This game is gonna make us buy a metro card! Okay, let's try it. Buy a card. Can I buy a card? Nope."

Ryon: "Oh, maybe if we beat up the ticket machine. Oh wait, look look, here's the tickets. We got tokens. Subway tokens."

Felicia: "Oh. Oh god, we do have to do this legally! Amazing! Amazing! This game is amazing!"

Felicia: "I'm just gonna go on the tracks. I'm gonna commit suicide."

Ryon: "I'm done. You're done."

Felicia: "I just wanted a simple life. I was a craftswoman. I had an Etsy store. There was no honor amongst Etsy dealers."

Ryon: "Look at those hands, man. You know what they say about men with giant, robotic hands, right?"

Felicia: "What do they say?"

Ryon: "They wear giant, robotic gloves."

Felicia: "Why do the women wear thongs? Like why can't we have a woman who doesn't wear thongs?"

Ryon: "What do you want her to wear? Like, sensible clothes, like Kathryn Conover dresses and stuff?"

Felicia: "Liz Taylor. Liz Claiborne."

Ryon, remaking on Felicia's sleeve tatts: "You look like you have jaundice."

Felicia: "Yeah, and the sad thing is it almost matches my skin."


Felicia: "5 twirly kicks"

Ryon: "1 big sad meaty man"

Cue points

0:00 "This week" preview
0:08 Opening theme
0:17 Host intro
1:15 Game begins
1:33 "Backstory of the Week"
6:05 Cheat code time
6:11 "Contagious Yawn of the Week"
21:17 Rating and outro
22:01 End card/promo
22:16 Closing theme
22:19 End video


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