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Felicia and Ryon play The Typing of the Dead.

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The Typing of the Dead
Platform Dreamcast
Published Sega, 2001
Hosts Felicia Day
Ryon Day
Director Zac Eubank
Director of cinematography Omer Ganai
Executive producers Felicia Day
Sheri Bryant
Editing Aline Oliviera
Graphics Natalia Daniels
Music Jason Charles Miller
Production assistant Becca Scott
Gaffer David Thompson
Makeup Cat Paschen
Production coordinator Nick Appelbaum
Stats (as of January 12, 2020)
First aired February 23, 2015
Duration 12:38
Views 153,715
Likes 4,604
Comments 491


Felicia: "Welcome to Co-Optitude, everyone, where I play games with my male sibling…"

Ryon: "…and I play games with my sister, Felicia."

Felicia: "No, you were supposed to say 'female sibling.'"

Ryon: "Why? Why do I have to do what you do?"

Felicia: "Because you have to match!"

Ryon: "Why?"

Felicia: "Because that was the gag!"

Ryon: "What the gag was you thought I was gonna do something and I did the other thing. That's the gag."

Ryon, reading back of the CD case: "'Learn to type. Your keyboard is your weapon as you square off against grisly ghouls and [stumbling] corp-er-rate or com-pot— Corp— Cooperate or compete.'"

Felicia: "Oh my god!"

Ryon: "I'm typing soon."

Felicia: "'Compote'!"

Ryon: "COM-pete. Compote. Never mind, anyway, they're not gonna use that cut."

Felicia: "Yes they will!"

Ryon: "Did they actually have these set up in arcades with keyboards?"

Felicia: "That would be so baller. That would be like—"

Ryon: "Balla? That would be so balla."

Felicia: "Yeah."

Ryon: "Hey, kids, we're using your lingo! Typing's pretty cool, but you know what's not cool?"

Felicia: "You moved it to training mode! We're better than that!"

Ryon: "No we're not. Let's be honest here."

Felicia, objecting to Ryon piling things for his keyboard to rest on: "Wait, no, dude, you can't like—"

Ryon: "Can't do that. I'm gonna make a contraption here. I'm making a contraption."

Felicia: "Stop it! No, you can't! You can't do this! This is hax."

Ryon: "This is hax, dude."

Felicia: "This is hax. We need a desk brought in."

Ryon: "Leet mods, dude. Fuck yeah, I'm gonna beat your ass now. This is perfect."

Felicia: "No, you can't be making a desk! It's not how you play the Dreamcast!"

Felicia, reading typing prompt: "'Sea lion'! Can I talk to you about Gamergate?"

Ryon: "It's about ethics in gaming journalism!"

Ryon, reading typing prompt: "'90% rubbish.' They know about you. Oh snap, shots fired."

Ryon, to prompt "ding-a-ling": "Hey, they know about you."

Ryon, to prompt "You womanizer": "They know about me."

Felicia: "I beat you."

Ryon: "Yeah you did. Do you type that a lot?"

Ryon, misreading "Dogs of the AMS": "'Dogs of the anus'?"

Felicia: "They know about you."

Ryon, reading prompt: "'Toad face'? Oh, they know about you."

Felicia, reading prompt: "'Old sugar.'"

Ryon: "They know about you!"

Felicia, reading prompt: "'Grandma's boy'? They know about you!"

Ryon, reading prompt: "'Serious defect'? They know about you."

Felicia, reading prompt: "'Boofa'?"

Ryon: "They know about you!"

Ryon, reading prompt: "'Daddy'? They don't know about me!"

Felicia, about hydra boss on screen: "That's what's in your urethra right now."

Ryon: "It's penis rats."

Ryon, reading question: "'Which can you play with mom?'"

Felicia: "'Kiss chase'? No, you do not want to play that with your mom."

Ryon, looking at scores: "God, Agent 1, you're gonna be busted down to secretary."

Felicia: "I know."

Ryon: "Except I wouldn't want you typing up my reports, that's for sure."

Both, reading prompt "Walk of shame": "Oh, they know about you."

Ryon, reading prompt "Weak bladder": "They know about you! They know so much about you."

Ryon, reading prompt "Smelly": "They know about you! It's never gonna get old."

Ryon, reading prompt: "'Toilet trained gorilla'?? They know about me."

Ryon: "God, finally, mojo back."

Felicia: "You, you really were whiffin' it, and then I gave you a pep talk that was incomprehensible, and you really came back. It was like, 'Bleh-ahud-ahh!'"


Ryon: "500 typos and eerily accurate phrases up"

Cue points

0:00 "This week" preview
0:11 Opening theme
0:20 Host intro
1:54 Game begins
10:20 "Metaphysical Question of the Week"
11:46 Rating and outro
12:29 End card/promo
12:36 Closing theme
12:38 End video


  • They make a reference to "penis rats", which appeared in the Battletoads episodes of Co-Optitude and The Flog.


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