Episode 119

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Ryon and Joséphine McAdam play Shovel Knight.

This was the first episode to feature Joséphine McAdam as a substitute host.

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Shovel Knight
Platform Unknown platform
Published Yacht Club Games, 2014
Hosts Ryon Day
Joséphine McAdam
Stats (as of January 12, 2020)
First aired February 15, 2016
Duration 13:18
Views 85,514
Likes 2,022
Comments 192


Ryon: "This week we have the lovely and talented Jim with us."

Joséphine: "Joséphine McAdam. My name's Joséphine McAdam."

Ryon: "But you can all her Jim."

Joséphine: "Or Joséphine."

Ryon: "Or Jim."

Joséphine: "Or Joséphine."

Ryon: "What are we playing today, Jim?"

Joséphine: "Shhhhhovel Knight!"

Ryon: "I thought you were gonna tell me to shove something up my ass, but you rescued it pretty good there, Jim."

Ryon: "I like how you leave these hobo sacks behind when you die."

Ryon: "This game is really good actually."

Joséphine, holding shovel: "High five."

Ryon: "High one. It's like a high one. I don't know what you call that. It doesn't meet my standards for a high five, is what I'm trying to tell you."

Joséphine: "Oh, okay, I'm sorry."

Joséphine: "We don't have— What is that horse man!?"

Ryon: "He's like a horse man."

Joséphine: "What!?"

Ryon: "Don't be biased."

Ryon, reading: "'Lair of King Knight.' Isn't that a contradiction? Can you be both those at the same time?"

Joséphine: "Sure! He's king. He can do what he wants."

Ryon: "Can you wall jump? No."

Joséphine: "'Can you wall jump'?"

Ryon: "Just checking."

Joséphine: "You're a shovel knight!"

Ryon: "Wall jumping? Absurd!"

Joséphine: "You're not made for wall jumping."

Ryon: "'Annoying laugh unlocked'? They know about you."

Joséphine: "Shut up!"

Ryon: "Oh, he's gonna dance."

Joséphine: "Oh, what is he doing?"

Ryon: "He's doing his little funky dance. He's like half apple, half fish."

Joséphine: "Oh, that face!"

Ryon: "He looks a little too happy."

Joséphine: "Yeah, seriously. What is he doing under there?"

Ryon: "Oh god!"

Joséphine: "What is he doing? Oh no! Do you really wanna know what that chalice is filled with? I don't."

Joséphine: "That's your chalice, man."

Ryon: "Oh, you're gonna wanna sip. You're gonna wanna sip when your health is low. You're gonna swallow all your pride. Ohh! Alright, he's done. Oh no he's not. Troupples are famed for their endurance. Oh god. Avert your eyes. Avert your eyes, children. Uh oh. Oh there we go."

Joséphine: "Oh, oh, that face. [long pause] What?"

Ryon: "I don't know. That's shameful."

Joséphine: "What'd you do? You pushed me off!? You pushed me off!?"

Ryon: "No, you helped me."

Joséphine: "You killed me again!"

Ryon: "You sacrificed your life for a worthy cause."

Ryon: "Wow, did you see me get those hobo bags right in time?"

Joséphine: "Yeah you did. You did. Hobo snatchin'."


Ryon: "15 shovels pointed straight up"

Joséphine: "15 gems out of hobo bags"

Cue points

0:00 "This week" preview
0:11 Opening theme
0:20 Host intro
1:20 Game begins
9:04 "Private troupple dance of the Week"
12:24 Rating and outro
12:37 End card/promo
13:16 Closing theme
13:18 End video


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