Episode 120

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Felicia and Ryon play Mount Your Friends and Goat Simulator.

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Mount Your Friends
Platform Unknown platform
Published Stegersaurus Software, 2014
Goat Simulator
Platform Unknown platform
Published Coffee Stain Studios, 2014
Hosts Felicia Day
Ryon Day
Stats (as of January 12, 2020)
First aired February 22, 2016
Duration 13:09
Views 94,899
Likes 2,806
Comments 184


Felicia: "This is as ripped as I've ever been."

Ryon: "Yeah, this is actually slightly less ripped than I am underneath this."

Felicia, unimpressed: "Really."

Ryon: "Yeah, but you know, content guidelines, I couldn't just take off my shirt."

Felicia: "Oh yeah yeah yeah. Sure, you can't take your shoes off on Twitch, you can't take your shirt off on YouTube."

Ryon: "A little foot fetish action going on?"

Felicia: "Do you know anything about these games?"

Ryon: "I mean, I know about mounting."

Felicia: "Please don't."

Ryon: "I know about mounting my friends. But not about the game, Mounting Your Friends."

Mount Your Friends

Felicia: "Can we just talk about the elephant in the room?"

Ryon: "You mean the donger in the room? Let's talk about the cock in the room, guys. Look at that thing. Spinning around like a clock dial."

Felicia: "That's some physics I didn't really need to see."

Felicia: "Why do you get to be Scroties and I have to be Shithead?"

Ryon: "'Cause you let me type your name."

Felicia: "Ugh. What I don't like is the fact that your ding dong's gonna be near my body. My virtual body."

Ryon: "Ohh, I'm mountin' ya! I'm mountin' ya! Look at my donger!"

Ryon: "Now he's just stylin'. He's a real crowd-pleaser, Philip. Look at him, he's just stylin' on you now."

Felicia: "Wow, that is showing off."

Ryon: "Known for his holds."

Felicia: "You know what, it'd be really easy to give birth to babies here. You know what I'm saying? 'Cause it'd just fling out of your vagina."

Ryon: "What!?"

Felicia: "Yeah! It would just fling out!"

Ryon: "It would just fling out? Like, what do you mean? What are you talking about? What would just fling out? Like the baby would just fly out?"

Felicia: "Yeah."

Ryon: "Just because its arms and legs are flexible?"

Felicia: "It's very limber. They're very limber people. They're a very limber—"

Ryon: "Do you know that necessarily extends to like vaginal canal width?"

Felicia: "I think so."

Ryon, commentating Felicia's player: "Jerald Mockbee was caught doping."

Felicia: "No, come on. That was totally— It was an herb I was taking."

Ryon: "Oh, herbal supplement. Likely story. Is this a redemption story for Jerald Mockbee? Can he perform without his supplements? The answer is—"

Felicia: "YESS! And he's gonna stick here, because he's gonna show the world he is open and willing to change."

Ryon: "A gaping anus finisher."

Ryon: "Fritz Willigar, also known as Grape-Nuts in his own country."

Ryon: "Oh look it, the coin's got a donger!"

Felicia: "Oh my god, it's got a donger too. I wish they'd do a girl version where she just had really swingy titties."

Felicia: "LET GO! Your parents hate you!"

Ryon: "What!? Don't bring my fucking parents into this! They bought me fucking mount lessons at a very early age."

Goat Simulator

Felicia: "Oh, murder! Murder! You like your breakfast? Murder! You like it? Murder! Where's your children? Where's a child? Child murder. I'm gonna go upstairs and I'm gonna murder your children."

Felicia: "This is not— It doesn't seem ergodynamically, like, authentic."

Ryon, laughing: "'Ergodynamically authentic'?"

Felicia: "You know what I'm saying? Like as a goat, like how—"

Ryon: "'The goat aerodynamics are not quite correct. Last time I strapped rockets to a goat it did not behave like this at all. I have some issues with this game.'"

Character names

  • Felicia (as entered by Ryon): "SHYTTEHED"
  • Ryon: "SKROTEEZ"
  • Ryon: "SCHMEGGZ"
  • Felicia: "ANOOOOOOOO"


Felicia: "15 goat tongues"

Ryon: "2 horns up"

Cue points

0:00 "This week" preview
0:12 Opening theme
0:21 Host intro
1:44 Mount Your Friends begins
5:56 "Felicia's Captivating Thought of the Week"
9:46 Goat Simulator begins
12:47 Rating and outro
12:56 End card/promo
13:07 Closing theme
13:09 End video


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