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Felicia and Ryon play The Great Circus Mystery, Starring Mickey and Minnie.

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The Great Circus Mystery, Starring Mickey and Minnie
Platform Sega Genesis
Published Capcom, 1994
Hosts Felicia Day
Ryon Day
Director Sean Becker
Executive producers Felicia Day
Sheri Bryant
Editing Brett Houston
Graphics Steven Sprinkles
Music Jason Charles Miller
Production assistant Annie Liu
Stats (as of January 12, 2020)
First aired February 17, 2014
Duration 11:24
Views 134,015
Likes 3,274
Comments 288


Felicia singing: "Hey everybody! It's Co-Optitude time!"

Ryon: "Just— No."

Felicia, reading about game: "'The costumes include a sweeper. You can suck enemies and turn 'em into coins—'"

Ryon, laughing: "That's Minnie though, right? Only Minnie."

Felicia: "Yeah. Only Minnie can wear that."

Felicia: "I would pray that this is a better game than the Chip 'n Dale one, 'cause that was torturous."

Ryon: "I'm looking forward to rubbing some mouse glands on things that people put in their mouths."

Felicia: "Okay, let's just move on."

Ryon, as Goofy enters cutscene: "Oh god, this fucking loser? Oh look at him. This motherfucker.

Felicia, reading Minnie's dialog: "'Where's Goofy going?'"

Ryon: "Look at him, man."

Felicia, reading Mickey's dialog: "'To find himself'!?"

Ryon: "Wow. Goofy's like on a quest of self discovery."

Felicia: "He's going off into his own endless Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind movie, and we're about to go to the circus."

Ryon, about Minnie: "Oh, look at that coquettish little pose she's got. That come-hither look."

Felicia: "Yeah, she's—"

Ryon, moving on: "Alright, apparently—"

Felicia, after a long pause: "—she's a whore."

Felicia: "Oh god, that guy's creepy. He's the color of a Cheeto. You know you never can trust a guy the color of a Cheeto."

Ryon, laughing: "I didn't know that was a rule to live by."

Felicia: "Oh, we can suck."

Ryon: "Oh, we're gonna suck him. [sucks up enemy in vacuum] Yeah! Oh yeah!"

Felicia: "That's how we get the money bucks."

Ryon: "When you suck people off you get money. That's what I learned from this game."

Ryon, seeing Goofy on continue screen: "Oh god, him? That's the last thing that you see before you [die]."

Felicia: "Hopefully this game is made for babies and you can just continue forever."

Felicia: "If you could kill somebody and vacuum them up and turn 'em into like a hundred bucks, what would you do?"

Ryon: "Oh, there wouldn't be very many people in the world, that's for sure."

Felicia: "Do you know what I hate? Jolly Green Giant. They never fill out his backstory enough to figure out why—"

Ryon: "And Little Sprout."

Felicia: "Can you make a mouth fart sound?"

Ryon: "What the fuck are you talking about?"

Felicia: "You know that thing where you can make a fart sound with your mouth?"

Ryon: "No, I don't!"

Ryon: "Golly, Felicia, I am having those mid-day energy doldrums."

Felicia: "Well you know the thing we can do at Co-Optitude when we get a little low energy—"

Ryon: "Jamba Juice!"

Felicia: "We send someone out to Jamba Juice."

Ryon: "The carbohydrates really give me the energy, and the protein boost really helps me pack on that muscle on the guns."

Felicia: "And honestly, they didn't pay us to say this."

Ryon: "No. Completely free."

Felicia: "Well, now that I said it like that it did sound like we were paid to say this."

Ryon: "Shhhhh."

Felicia, as Ryon walks around on fire: "Roast yourself. Roast it up. Roast it up. You're a delicacy. You're a delicacy."

Felicia: "If you were forced to die or marry Goofy in a conjugal relationship—"

Ryon: "Ugh, god. I would seriously just take my own life. That would be a Shakespearean tragedy, man."

Ryon, seeing Clarabelle Cow: "Who is that!? It's like a Goofy—"

Felicia: "Ugh. Oh, that's Cowbella. That's Cowbell— or Clarissa Cow. I know—"

Ryon: "You know this shit?"

Felicia: "There is— No, I know."

Ryon: "It's like a Goofy cow. It's like Goofy crossed with a cow. It's like Goofy was really drunk one night, fucked a cow in a field, and then out comes this weird, unholy—"

Felicia: "Clarabelle. Clarabelle! Clarabelle. That's her name."

Ryon: "Wow, look at this. He's got a painting— Who has a painting of themself hanging over his fireplace?"

Felicia: "I have a lot of paintings of myself, but not over my fireplace."

Ryon: "You're a douchebag."

Felicia: "I would recommend this if you're a baby and you wanna game, or if you're a normal human who likes to watch Minnie undress and dress."

Ryon, about his personalized Mickey hat: "I'll be sportin' this wherever I go."

Felicia: "Wherever?"

Ryon: "Yeah, wherever I go. Out to the cluuub."

Cue points

0:00 Singing intro
0:06 Opening theme
0:14 Host intro
1:35 Game begins
7:19 "Unsponsored Message of the Week"
8:23 Cheat code time
10:47 Outro
11:14 End card/promo
11:22 Closing theme
11:24 End video

Bonus content

There isn't any official bonus content for this video hosted by Geek & Sundry, however Felicia posted some extra footage on her own YouTube channel of her and her brother making fart noises with their mouths. In the intro to this clip, she explains it was decided it was "too gross and not polite enough" and was not posted on the website.

Felicia makes Fart Sounds with her Mouth


  • There were no chyrons identifying the hosts during the episode introduction. There was also no transition from intro to gameplay. This may have been due to a new editor from previous episodes.


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