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Felicia and Ryon play Goldeneye.

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Platform N64
Published Nintendo, 1997
Hosts Felicia Day
Ryon Day
Director Sean Becker
Executive producers Felicia Day
Sheri Bryant
Editing Sean Becker
James Deuling
Graphics Steven Sprinkles
Music Jason Charles Miller
Production assistant Annie Liu
Stats (as of January 12, 2020)
First aired July 8, 2013
Duration 15:41
Views 251,492
Likes 6,086
Comments 1,541


Felicia: "Alright, go."

Ryon: "Hi! Welcome to Co-Optitude, the segment with the fucking—"

Felicia: "To the show. To the show!"

Ryon: "to the show where we play video games together. M-me and my sister. [pause] Hi, welcome to Co-Optitude, the game where I, Ryon Day, play video games together with my— did I say segment again?"

Felicia: "You said 'game'."

Ryon, defeated: "Here, you do it."

Felicia: "And we're going to play..."

Ryon: "Remington Steele: The Game."

Felicia: "I wish it was Remington Steele: The Game."

Felicia, as Bond appears in game intro: "Look at him, he's hot."

Ryon: "He's so hot, all five pixels of his face. That's because there's not enough resolution to show all the wrinkles."

Felicia: "Shut up. Shut up! He's really hot. You're ridiculous."

Felicia, as low-polygon woman appears on screen: "Whoa! Look at those breasts! Oh my god, it's so pointy you could open an envelope."

Felicia, as another low-polygon figure appears on screen: "It looks like somebody inflated a condom and drew a face on it."

Felicia, as she fumbles with the controls: "I know people are screaming at me right now. Just fuck off."

Felicia: "My hands are not big enough for this [controller]."

Ryon: "You have to have the hands of a pianist. 'Do you have an eight-octave span? Then you can play fucking Golden Eye.'"

Ryon, as Bond looks at his watch: "'Is it time for my Metamucil yet?'"

Felicia: "Why!? He's not old! He's not old!"

Ryon, looking at the ground: "Oh, is that a covert modem? Is that what it is? [laughing] Is that a covert modem? [looking down] Oh my aching back. [looking up] Oh god, where are my Doans."

Felicia: "Alright, Pierce. I'm in your brain. Let's do this."

Felicia: "Oh god, it's so weird! Tiny Bond is so weird! It's like a Bratz doll. It's awful!"

Cue points

0:00 "This week" preview
0:08 Opening theme
0:16 Host intro
2:11 Game begins
3:14 "Spoiler of the Week"
12:20 Multiplayer
14:40 Outro
15:15 End card/promo
15:27 Closing theme
15:41 End video


  • They frequently referenced "Gerhart", the name written on the cartridge, and ask the real Gerhart to make himself known. He later does and appears in a bonus video with Felicia at San Diego Comic Con.


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