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Felicia and Ryon play Revolution X.

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Revolution X
Platform Sega Genesis
Published Acclaim, 1994
Hosts Felicia Day
Ryon Day
Director Sean Becker
Executive producers Felicia Day
Sheri Bryant
Editing Sean Becker
James Deuling
Graphics Steven Sprinkles
Music Jason Charles Miller
Production assistant Annie Liu
Stats (as of January 12, 2020)
First aired July 15, 2013
Duration 14:01
Views 201,881
Likes 4,848
Comments 817


Felicia: "Have you ever taken speech cl— sp— speech lessons?"

Ryon, seeing game splash screen featuring Aerosmith: "That's not what I want to see. Who's the woman in front? It's like Labyrinth? I thought it was like Labyrinth, and David Bowie's gonna do like contact juggling or something like that."

Ryon: "I have like 420 CDs. That's one iPod."

Ryon, reading instructions on screen: "'Find Aerosmith's car'?"

Felicia: "What, are we his valet now? 'I know you killed about four-hundred civilians, I need you to do something else.'"

Ryon: "Don't let Stephen King hear us singing—"

Felicia: "Stephen King??"

Ryon: "Or Stephen King! Don't let Stephen King hear it either."

Felicia: "He's gonna be angry. He's gonna write a book."

Ryon: "Alright, you wanna shoot the missiles and I'll get the chopper?"

Felicia: "No, let's not plan anything."

Ryon: "Kill the engine! Kill the pilots! Kill everybody!"

Felicia: "Steven Tyler needs his car!! He needs to make babies who are beautiful and we wanna look at!"

Ryon, while shooting at helicopter: "Aerosmith said they'd listen to our demoooo taaaape!"

Felicia: "You know what's the grossest thing? Imagining Steven Tyler eating pudding."

Ryon: "With the gigantic lips. [impersonating eating] Mmumm-mmumm. I like me pudding. Is he British?"

Felicia: "He's not British, dude."

Ryon: "We have to drive the Lamborghini to the Amazon jungle. From LA."

Felicia: "So we're killing all the natives because Steven Tyler's bandmate thinks there's like some chemicals in the food?"

Felicia: "Question: Is there a band that you would actually create a revolution for? I kinda like Tegan and Sara."

Felicia: "You didn't pick a band. Would it be, oh, Mumford and Sons?"

Ryon: "My friends — I gotta give a shout out — my friends said they were gonna open a food truck called Mumford and Buns."

Felicia: "And the mascot is just a bun and a beard. Oh god. Tegan and Soft Serve!"

Ryon, fighting slime monster: "This is Steven Tyler's chemicals, right here."

Felicia: "Right here. This is Stevia. No, Stevia's natural. Stevia."

Ryon: "Boy, you're rather witty today. This is good."

Felicia: "Steven Tyler wants to replace the world with Stevia. He invented it. It's his sweetener."

Ryon, while shooting: "High fructose corn syruuuup!"

Felicia: "Aspertaaaaame!"


Ryon: "Ten-million frizzy strands of mid-nineties band member hair pointed in various directions"

Felicia: "Ten bags of blow"

Cue points

0:00 "This week" preview
0:05 Opening theme
0:13 Host intro
1:27 Game begins
8:33 "Celebrity Impression of the Week"
13:21 Rating and outro
13:38 End card/promo
13:57 Closing theme
14:01 End video


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