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Felicia and Ryon play Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure.

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Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure
Platform PlayStation
Published Atlus, 2000
Hosts Felicia Day
Ryon Day
Director Sean Becker
Executive producers Felicia Day
Sheri Bryant
Editing Andrew Jewell
Graphics Steven Sprinkles
Music Jason Charles Miller
Production assistant Annie Liu
Stats (as of January 12, 2020)
First aired March 31, 2014
Duration 16:46
Views 167,693
Likes 4,194
Comments 407


Felicia: "Do I hear a song starting?"

Ryon: "Oh god, I hope not. Uh oh."

Felicia, singing: "I will be waiting patientlyyyy, until he comes."

Both start laughing

Ryon: "Maybe this isn't so bad after all."

Ryon: "So basically this chick makes puppets and lives with her grampa?"

Felicia: "She talks with puppets. She's a puppeteer—"

Ryon: "So she's mentally imbalanced—"

Felicia: "I mean—"

Ryon: "She talks with her puppets, she lives with gramps, she's got nothing really going on, and so she wants to marry a prince."

Felicia, reading Cornet's lines: "'My dear Prince, I'll never let you go!' This is a young girl's first sexual experience."

Ryon: "Rubbin' up on her puppet. Like just rubbin' up on it."

Felicia, reading: "'My name's Sharte.'"

Both burst out laughing

Felicia: "WHAT!?"

Ryon: "I'm liking this game more and more with every passing minute."

Felicia: "'My name's Sharte'? If you didn't know, that's the combination of a shit and a fart."

Ryon: "That's when you try and fart but a little bit of poop comes out too."

Ryon, as grampa: "'Bring me back some Red Inotium?'"

Felicia: "Imodium? AD?"

Ryon: "He's got the shits."

Ryon, reading and doing voice: "'I know what you're thinking! You wish you could take a walk with the Prince. Am I right!?' Am I right? Maybe a little feel? Eh? Maybe a little game called 'Just the Tip'? Eh?"

Ryon, after forcing Felicia to skip a song: "Oh, that's a shame. That's a shame! That's too bad."

Ryon: "This sounds like there's gonna be a musical intro to this fight."

Felicia: "I really hope so."

Ryon: "It's like Rumble Tonight from West Side Story, ya know? [singing] When you're a cat you're a cat all the way."

Felicia: "Shut up, shut up."

Ryon: "From your first litter box—"

Felicia: "To your last—"

Ryon: "To your ninth dying day."

Felicia: "Our prey is in our sights. We're gonna stalk this guy. Alright? That's what you do when you're really attracted to somebody."

Ryon: "We're gonna do some Fatal Attraction action in here."

Felicia, reading: "'You don't look really well. Oh, I almost forgot. Your face doesn't look so good to begin with.'"

Ryon: "Oh! Sick burn! Apply cool water to burned area, Cornet. Aw snap."

Felicia, reading: "'Oh, I gotta get going. [I have to get fitted for my custom dress by] Kalvin Cline.'"

Ryon: "Like that's a knockoff brand you get in Chinatown or something. You don't brag about a Kalvin Cline. And then she's gonna get something by Lalph Rauran."

Ryon: "I'm gonna play some Kenny G for ya. That'll kill anybody."

Felicia: "This is all like a Lisa Frank notebook, this whole game."

Felicia: "You know what I would like? I would love to own a small, humanoid kitten. I don't know if that'd be slavery or not, but if I could get one of those—"

Ryon: "But you would basically own them. You would pretend that— When push came to shove, if it came up to you and said, 'Thanks, but I'm gonna take off,' you wouldn't let it, would you?"

Felicia: "You ruin everything! I just wanted to own one, and be able to have him talk and wear a tuxedo."

Felicia, singing as Cornet: "I love cooking so-o mu-uch! This fish will lure this man into my beeed!"

Ryon, singing as Cornet: "Maybe the Prince will like the taste of my fish! That musky flavor will give him some wooood!"

Felicia: "Hey, puppet!"

Ryon: "What's up, puppet?"

Felicia: "What are you doing? Are you tired of blonde women having men problems? And bitch problems?"

The puppet points at Felicia affirmatively

Felicia: "Yeah."

Ryon: "You got ninety-nine problems and a puppet ain't one."

Ryon: "We just climbed up through a latrine with the orange fish we cooked for the Prince."

Felicia: "We've got Sharte who's covered in shart-ay now."

Ryon, laughing: "They're both covered in shit. 'Here, my prince!'"

Felicia: "'Assassin'? You started molesting me in a bathroom for a fish!"

Felicia: "I wanna fight with this egg! Gonna kick some butt."

Ryon: "Nothing makes a better warrior than an egg."

Prompt appears reading "You aren't going to participate, right?"

Felicia: "Uh—"

Ryon: "Wait."

Felicia: "I am gonna participate."

Ryon: "Yes I am? Yes I am not?"

Felicia: "Whoa, this is a trick question!"

Ryon: "Yes I am not or no I'm not?"

Felicia: "You aren't going to participate, right? I am gonna participate."

Ryon: "She's trying to trick us. So, no you're not going— No you aren't not going to participate."

Felicia: "Don't fuck me up. Is it yes or no? I do want to participate."

Ryon: "I think you say no I don't agree with that statement."

Felicia: "Yes."

Ryon: "Right? No."

Felicia: "No. Yes."

Ryon: "Right? No. Right, yes I'm not gonna participate?"

Felicia: "You are gonna participate."

Ryon: "No, I'm not— Yeah, no, I am gonna participate. No, you're wrong."

Felicia, laughing: "I don't know! She's trying to trick me! Okay, I don't know, I think it's yes, I am gonna participate."

Ryon: "Well fine."

Felicia: "So this was a theater and now it's a barbecue joint."

Ryon: "So she's gonna get like a used dress in the back that's gonna smell like smoked meat. Like it's gonna smell like brisket fat and wood chips."

Felicia: "'Cause the Prince is gonna be like, boner!"

Ryon: "'Smells good, babe!'"

Felicia, after being told to run an obstacle course before eating: "Why would you do that!?"

Ryon: "This business model is destined to fail! Like, 'Man, I sure am hungry. You know what I wanna do before I eat? Run a fucking obstacle course. Oh, that's why we had to sign a waiver before we came into the restaurant.'"

Felicia: "I mean, what if you die? What if you die? You become brisket. This is like Sweeney Todd."

Ryon: "This better be a fucking Michelin Starred restaurant. That's all I'm gonna say."

Ryon: "You know, I'm gonna give this guy a really bad Yelp review. That's all I gotta tell you. He's getting like 0 stars on Yelp. 'When we got there, it was dirty, and there was salt on the floor. And we got attacked by miscellaneous skeletons, monsters, jelly beans, cats, and wolves wearing aprons. The food was really cold, and the barbecue wasn't Texas style like they advertised. It tasted like cat and human of all things. Well, I'm certainly never going back here.'"

Ryon: "This puppet is a sick fuck, and I'm really liking it a lot. Like, this puppet and I are on the same mental wavelength. Just rub yourself with orange fish and wear a bear costume, and the Prince is gonna have a hard on that diamonds couldn't cut."

Felicia, singing: "My name is Cornet and I'm waiting for yooou."

Ryon, singing: "I tried to cook some fish for my hubby-boo."

Felicia: "And then he saw me in a bear suit and he said, 'hoo hoo!'"

Ryan Copple as puppet: "My name is Sharte. I like to fart!"


Felicia: "10 hands up a puppet's butt"

Ryon: "10 puppets really enjoying it"

Cue points

0:00 "This week" preview
0:14 Opening theme
0:22 Host intro
1:00 Game begins
2:51 "Unintentionally hilarious NPC Name of the Week"
8:54 "Muppets diagnosis of the week"
11:14 S.A.T. Grammar of the week
15:50 Rating and outro
16:24 Closing theme
16:26 Encore
16:36 End card/promo
16:44 Closing theme (again)
16:46 End video


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