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Felicia and George Takei play Mario Party 4.

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Mario Party 4
Platform GameCube
Published Nintendo, 2002
Hosts Felicia Day
George Takei
Director Sean Becker
Executive producers Felicia Day
Sheri Bryant
Editing Chris Willett
Graphics Steven Sprinkles
Music Jason Charles Miller
Production assistant Annie Liu
Stats (as of January 12, 2020)
First aired December 16, 2013
Duration 17:22
Views 240,922
Likes 8,895
Comments 835


Felicia: "From what I understand, you have not played a lot of video games."

George: "No no, this is— yeah— What do you mean, 'Not played—' This is my virginal effort."

Felicia: "What? I'm taking your virginal effort myself? My goodness! I think this is the best day I've ever had."

George: "With Felicia Day!"

Felicia: "Well! You saw it here!"

Felicia: "We're going to play on the same team against the computer."

George: "I'm dependent on you to help me."

Felicia: "Well, the thing about it is, Ryon is usually better. My brother who is usually my cohost, he's usually better at the computer games than I am, so, um—"

George: "Well, so you wanted someone who was just learning now to make you look even better."

Felicia: "I like the way that sounds. And to take your virginity!"

Felicia: "And we're gonna go ahead and give us a boost. [to camera] Whatever, guys! It's our prerogative to start off with whatever we want, and I wanna start with 9 stars. Because I have a 10-star person next to me right now. And I don't wanna hear any complaints in the audience."

George, laughing: "Whatever that means."

Felicia: "You're 10 stars out of 10."

George: "Oh really!"

Felicia: "I have a Toad hat. Do you want me to wear it?"

George: "A Toad hat?"

Felicia: "Do you want me to wear it?"

George: "Yes!"

Felicia: "Okay! [puts on hat] Do you like it?"

George: "It doesn't quite look like that. [gesturing to screen]"

Felicia: "I know. Alright, forget it! [takes off hat]"

Felicia, about Waluigi: "See? He looks unpleasant, like he would complain to a waiter about service or something."

George: "And he looks like he doesn't bathe."

Felicia: "It's true."

George: "I can smell him!"

Felicia: "Well, he's spreading his legs pretty wide there."

George: "You're a fast woman. I can't keep up with you."

Felicia: "You're keeping up totally fine. I'm throwing so much stuff at you, and you're like [snaps fingers] that. I mean, I'm surprised you've never gamed before."

George: "I've never gamed before. I told you I was a virgin."

Felicia: "Well, I couldn't tell!"

George: "Are you sweating?"

Felicia: "No! I don't sweat! I was kidding."

George: "You don't sweat. Only horses do that."

Ryon: "Hey, guys. What's going on here?"

Felicia, guiltily: "Wh— uh, oh, hey, Ryon!"

Ryon: "What are you all up to?"

George: "I have no idea!"

Ryon: "Playing some games?"

Felicia: "We're just, uh— Oh gosh. Sorry, I didn't mean to bounce you out of Co-Optitude, Ryon. I had a better offer."

Ryon: "You go out for lunch and you come back and you've been replaced."

George: "Yeah, sorry about that. Your sister's very fickle."

Ryon: "Did George play better than I would?"

Felicia: "Yes."

George: "I love that pie."

Felicia: "I love the way you say the word 'pie.'"

George: "Why are you here, Ryon?"

Ryon: "Well, it used to be my show, I—"

Felicia: "Super awkward. [shouting to Ryon] Maybe you can bring George his tea, Ryon, before you leave!"

Ryon: "Sorry for the lukewarm tea. Here's a fresh cup right here."

George: "Thank you, thank you— Oh, you're being very disruptive. I lost the rhythm."

Felicia: "Yeah, I know! Because someone came in to deliver some tea!"

George: "We won again!"

Felicia: "Despite the tea boy!"

Felicia: "Oh, he just robbed you. You just got robbed."

George: "Oh, I got robbed!"

Felicia: "On the wrong side of town! This is crazy!"

George: "You know, I have a tendency to do that, hang out in the wrong places."

Felicia: "Really? Well! [winks] Winky."

George: "I have a checkered past."

Felicia: "Do tell!"

Felicia: "I have to say I'm really impressed."

George: "You are? I'm very lucky if I'm winning anything."

Felicia: "Your virginity was very tasty."

George: "It was good for you, was it?"

Felicia: "Absolutely. Yes."

Felicia: "I've never lived anywhere where there's snow. Have you?"

George: "I have."

Felicia: "Where'd you live?"

George: "New York."

Felicia: "Oh yes! You lived part of the time in New York?"

George: "We have a condo there."

Felicia: "That's very nice, to be able to be bi-coastal."

George: "We're bi, yes."

George: "You have opened up a new world for me. Thank you very much."

Felicia: "Thank you very much! Well, I loved having you on the show."

George: "I boldly went where I've never been before, and now I will live long and prosper."

Felicia: "Oh my god, it's so amazing!"

George: "Oh, how corny can I get?"

Felicia: "You can be corny all day!"

Felicia: "So I guess I can't have you permanently."

George: "I'm afraid I'm gonna keep winning over and over again. That's not gonna be too much fun."

Felicia: "Alright, Ryon, you can have your job back."

Ryon: "Yes!"

George: "You know, I think it's wonderful that you two are maintaining a hallowed Hollywood tradition: nepotism."

Ryon: "Makes the world go round."

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0:00 "This week" preview
0:11 Opening theme
0:20 Host intro
2:13 Game begins
10:52 "Awkward Question of the Week"
16:18 Outro
17:12 End card/promo
17:19 Closing theme
17:22 End video


  • Felicia began the gaming segment with "We're gonna play this" instead of the usual "Let's play this fucker."


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