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Felicia and Ryon play LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.

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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
Platform Xbox One
Published Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment, 2013
Hosts Felicia Day
Ryon Day
Director of cinematography Omer Ganai
Executive producers Felicia Day
Sheri Bryant
Editing Andrew Jewell
Graphics Steven Sprinkles
Music Jason Charles Miller
Production assistant Annie Liu
Stats (as of January 12, 2020)
First aired April 28, 2014
Duration 13:27
Views 170,003
Likes 4,348
Comments 439


Ryon: "I'll bet all of you don't even have X-bones yet."

Felicia: "I gave you yours for Christmas."

Ryon: "Oh, aren't you a fucking saint? What do you have to act so sanctimonious in front of the camera for?"

Felicia: "Well, I'm just telling you I just want credit for—"

Ryon, mocking: "'Mnyeh mnyeh mnyeh!'"

Felicia: "I just want credit for giving you a really good Christmas gift!"

Ryon, mocking: "'I'm so niiiice! I'm so nice!'"

Ryon: "The good thing about playing a new game that not everybody has is that they don't know if we're full of shit yet if we don't like it."

Felicia: "It's true. If we're totally incompetent they might think, oh, that's just how the game is."

Ryon: "And yet, we might be totally incompetent and yet better than many of you who have not played it yet."

Felicia: "Yeah! We are better than you because you never experienced it, so we're incrementally better just from the experience of it."

Felicia: "Here, come here. [throws bus] BOOM!"

Ryon: "How do you miss somebody with a bus?"

Ryon: "Mister Sandman, I'm gonna bring you a dream."

Felicia, as Hulk: "Hulk no know what to do. Hulk just dance. [singing] The hills are alive with the sound of music."

Ryon: "Oh, Nick Fury got a Jamba Juice of his own."

Felicia: "What flavor Jamba Juice you think Nick Fury—"

Ryon: "Grapeulous Maximus. I don't know."

Ryon: "I'll bet that the exposed stud on the top of their head is an erogenous zone. What do you think?"

Felicia, laughing: "You just stroke it."

Ryon: "Like he rocks out with his stud out."

Felicia: "Well no, I bet they have an appliance that you can like go—"

Ryon, making vibrating noise: "Rwrrrrrrr!"

Felicia: "Like sex toys attached to it."

Ryon: "I'll bet that the ladies really like Mr. Fantastic."

Felicia: "Look at me with my grotesque limbs! It just— It really bothers me, guys."

Ryon: "The ladies like it. That's all I gotta tell ya. The ladies like it."

Felicia: "The ladies do not like it."

Ryon: "They do."

Felicia: "Okay, I just ruined all the computers, so you got nothing to work on anymore, guys. Are we supposed to be doing this?"

Ryon: "No, the carrier's going to go down in flames relatively soon."

Felicia, continuing to destroy computers: "Aren't these our friends? Why are they allowing us to ruin everything?"

Ryon, watching Mr. Fantastic turn into giant bolt cutters: "What? What are you doing? WHAT? No."

Felicia: "No, I hate him. I hate what I just did. It feels like I violated the world."

Ryon: "Hit it with your shield! Oh my god, you do know how to hit something with your shield, don't you?"

Felicia, laughing: "I'm trying! X."

Ryon: "Hold X. Are you really that dumb, or are you acting for the show? Because I think you're serious about being that dumb."

Felicia: "I can't see what's going on!"

Ryon: "Okay, you're Captain America, and you have a shield."

Felicia: "I know that, but I— Oh, there we go. There we go."

Ryon: "Oh my god. I'm just gonna sit and serve tea. [turns Mr. Fantastic into a teapot] [in Cockney accent] Anybo'y wan' a spo' ah tea? Anybo'y wan' a spo' ah tea?"

Ryon: "Get away, dumb character!"

Felicia: "God, I could play this game forever."

Ryon: "It's really good, except for you."

Felicia: "If I was alone it would be fine."

Ryon: "The worst part about this game is you."

Ryon: "And that's me. It's my time to shine."

Felicia: "What are you gonna be?"

Ryon: "Oh god, I'm gonna be something really gross. [watches Mr. Fantastic turn into a water pump] Ugh god, I'm pumping cum in there."

Felicia: "You're pumping! Ew! Jesus, don't pump!"

Ryon: "I'm pumping fluid in there. That's right. Ah, feels good. Now I need a cigarette. Okay."

Felicia: "Cap' just watched in disgust."

Ryon, laughing: "Cap' was just horrified."

Ryon: "What does a Lego man's keyboard look like?"

Felicia, flailing arms: "This is how I type! There's four letters on it. It's like fist, fist, fist, fist, fist, fist, fist, fist, fist, fist, fist, fist."

Doctor Octopus: "Your cheap health plan doesn't cover office visits."

Ryon: "Or contraception."

Felicia, watching Spider-man put on his mask: "He just put a new head on. Did you see that? It wasn't a mask. It was the head."

Ryon: "Boy, if we could do that everyone would look like young Brad Pitt though, so—"

Felicia, laughing: "If everyone could transplant their heads, they'd all look like Angelina Jolie and young Brad Pitt."

Ryon: "There would be so many Brangelinas."

Felicia, seeing Black Widow: "She just pencils in a waist there. I'm gonna wear a shirt like that!"

Ryon: "I'm gonna chalk in some huge muscles."

Felicia: "Can't she get some plastic surgery and just drill out some plastic?"

Ryon: "Like a Dremel? A Lego plastic surgeon has a Dremel tool."

Felicia: "What does Black Widow do?"

Ryon: "Nothing. She just sits there and looks fiiine."

Ryon: "Let's build something."

Felicia: "Build something. I love how you say 'Let's build something' like it's some kind of catchphrase or something."

Ryon: "Catchphrase? Let's build something."

Felicia: "Yeah, it's like 'Let's build something.'"

Ryon: "Let's build this fucker."

Felicia, as Black Widow flips: "Okay, look. Go up the stairs. Just get off! Get off! Drop down, Black Widow! STOP FLIPPING! STOP FLIPPING! STOP FLIPPING!! God damn this woman!"

Felicia: "God, my suit is already latex. It doesn't need more goo on it, alright?"

Ryon, as Venom does jumpscare: "Ah. Oh scared. Okay."

Felicia: "You can't be scared with a Lego— There's no Lego horror movie. Like, Lego Resident Evil would not be that scary."

Felicia: "Venom, you have some issues, honey."

Ryon: "Venom, can't we talk this over?"

Felicia: "Venom. What does his apartment look like?"

Ryon: "I bet it's really clean."

Felicia: "Is it all white? Is it all white and Scandanavian?"


Felicia: "40,000 Lego bricks"

Cue points

0:00 "This week" preview
0:10 Opening theme
0:18 Host intro
1:29 Game begins
3:46 "Lego Cosmo Sex Tip of the Week"
9:06 "Crack of the Week"
13:08 Rating and outro
13:17 End card/promo
13:25 Closing theme
13:27 End video


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