Episode 93

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Felicia and Ryon play CSI: Hard Evidence.

This is the second part of a two-part playthrough of CSI: Hard Evidence. The previous episode is the first part.

This is the first episode filmed on the Twitch set. The first part of this two-part playthrough was the last one filmed on the "Ikea" set. Ryon's intro to the episode indicates he was a little salty about this.

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CSI: Hard Evidence
Platform Xbox 360
Published Ubisoft, 2007
Hosts Felicia Day
Ryon Day
Director Zac Eubank
Director of cinematography Omer Ganai
Executive producers Felicia Day
Sheri Bryant
Editing Aline Oliviera
Graphics Natalia Daniels
Music Jason Charles Miller
Gaffer David Thompson
Makeup Cat Paschen
Stats (as of January 12, 2020)
First aired May 11, 2015
Duration 18:22
Views 109,883
Likes 3,060
Comments 208


Ryon: "We got kicked off of our set."

Felicia: "No, we got invited—"

Ryon: "We don't have a set. We got kicked off of our set. Let's just call a spade a spade."

Ryon, recapping the previous episode: "Well, we went through training. We went through extensive thirty minutes of training, which is all you need to become a CSI investigator."

Felicia: "We found a fingerprint on a doughnut bag."

Ryon: "It was not a fingerprint. It was a dick print."

Felicia: "It was a dick print. Well, you said it was a dick print. I don't think every guy's dick is a different print."

Ryon: "I think you should, upon apprehending a criminal, take penis prints."

Felicia: "That seems like a porno. Hard Evidence."

Ryon: "There was a cabbie. He was doused in kerosene and set on fire."

Felicia: "Not funny."

Ryon: "We collected— NOT funny. We collected several pieces of hard evidence."

Felicia, laughing: "The way you said that, it was funny."

Felicia, looking at old photo of character: "Why is she wearing the same outfit in that flyer? She was wearing the same outfit in the flyer! Look! She's wearing the same outfit! She has one outfit!"

Ryon, reading loading screen tip: "Renders invisible evidence, including fluids."

Felicia, nearly spit-taking: "Don't say that while I'm having fluids."

Ryon: "Flewids."

Ryon, moving cursor over character's cleavage: "Alright, I'm sorry, I'm gonna dust your breasts for prints."

Felicia: "Now, come on! Come on, get off there!"

Ryon: "I'm gonna have to shine the UV light."

Felicia: "I don't want to talk philosophy with you, hobo."

Nick in game, moving a mattress off a putting hole: "Appears Ed didn't like having a hole in the middle of his suite."

Felicia: "Oh, he loves stuffing things in holes, as we saw at the fire temple."

Character names

They continued with the "ANUSS" name from last episode.

Cue points

0:00 "This week" preview
0:14 Opening theme
0:22 Host intro
2:34 Game begins
6:00 "Sexual Harassment Lawsuit of the Week"
17:39 Outro
18:12 End card/promo
18:17 Closing theme
18:22 End video


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