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Felicia and Ryon play BattleTech: A Game of Armored Combat.

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BattleTech: A Game of Armored Combat
Platform Sega Genesis
Published Extreme Entertainment Group, 1994
Hosts Felicia Day
Ryon Day
Director Sean Becker
Executive Producers Sheri Bryant
Felicia Day
Kim Evey
Sean Becker
Associate Producer Brit Weisman
Camera Sean Becker
Brit Weisman
Theme Song Eanan Patterson
Flog Logo Design Adam Levermore
Opening Animation Efehan Elbi
Editing James Deuling
Sam Sher
Post Sound Neno Stevens
Post Coordinator Sophie Parkison
Visual Effects Stephen Sprinkles
Additional Music Kevin Macleod,
Stats (as of January 18, 2020)
First aired September 3, 2012
Duration 5:26
Views 201,797
Likes 4,424
Comments 527


Felicia: "Hey guys!"

Ryon: "Hey!"

Felicia: "Brought this guy back for some more gamin'."

Ryon: "'This guy.'"

Felicia: "This guy."

Ryon: "I have a name."

Felicia: "You don't anymore!"

Ryon: "BattleTech. Another game I've never played before, and the color palette, unlike other games, is very poopy. They're battling over turd world here."

Ryon: "Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's giving us our orders."

Ryon: "What am I supposed to do?"

Felicia: "You do nothing. You're feet."

Felicia: "What do these numbers mean ever?"

Ryon: "I think that means that's how much they cost, because in this world, even though we're in the military, we have to buy our own shit."

Felicia: "Don't waste your ammo on the buildings!"

Ryon: "They're enemy buildings. They don't deserve to live."

Felicia: "I know, but don't waste your ammo. This is like the fucking Depression of video games. You gotta get some coupons."

Ryon: "I think we shouldn't touch that."

Felicia: "Oh! Don't touch that."

Ryon: "That's not a wavy health line."

Ryon: "The Rock is not pleased."

Felicia: "There's no 'You did your best.' That guy doesn't—"

Ryon: "'Well, ya can't kinda win a war, can you?'"

Ryon: "Oh, do the fucking radar. [looks at radar] I can derive no information from what is going on on this screen."

Felicia: "Good dodging! I feel like—"

Ryon: "I know, right? This is good teamwork. I feel closer to you as a brother already."

Ryon: "This guy came up on us when we were cooling off. That's like going to a man at a urinal while he's pissing and—"

Felicia: "Saying, 'Hiii!'"

Ryon: "South! South! South!"

Felicia: "No! [looks at radar] South."

Felicia: "Life lesson: you burn one bridge, and you just get more."

Felicia: "We gotta go inside that. That's what every guy says."

Ryon: "Oh man, we are so— The Rock is gonna be fucking shitting his pants in glee. Oh, The Rock loves us! 'Congratulations, I never thought you would make anything of yourself as a kid, but I'm not as disappointed as I was when you didn't make first in the gymnastics competition when you were eleven.'"


Felicia: "1 thumb up"

Ryon: "2 thumbs up" (3 total)

Cue points

0:47 Segment begins
0:50 Host intro
1:06 Game begins
4:43 Ratings and outro
5:01 Segment ends


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