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Felicia and Ryon play Gunstar Heroes.

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Gunstar Heroes
Platform Sega Genesis
Published Sega, 1993
Hosts Felicia Day
Ryon Day
Director Sean Becker
Executive Producers Sheri Bryant
Felicia Day
Kim Evey
Sean Becker
Associate Producer Brit Weisman
Camera Sean Becker
Omer Ganai
Sound Neno Stevens
Makeup Karen Stein
Theme Song Eanan Patterson
Flog Logo Design Adam Levermore
Opening Animation Efehan Elbi
Editing James Deuling
Brit Weisman
Post Sound Sean Oakley
Visual Effects Stephen Sprinkles
Additional Music Kevin Macleod,
Stats (as of January 18, 2020)
First aired August 6, 2012
Duration 8:38
Views 250,113
Likes 5,885
Comments 1,421


Felicia: "Well, we're gonna put this in and we're gonna start playing!"

Ryon: "Pop it in."

Felicia: "Don't ever say that again."

Ryon: "What the fuck—"

Felicia: "It's asparagus."

Ryon: "It's an asparagus stalk. 'I'm gonna make your piss smell really bad!'"

Felicia: "Oh, that was easy."

Ryon: "We vanquished asparagus."

Ryon: "The meaning of continue seems to be really different from what I would define as continue, because we're not actually continuing."

Felicia: "You—! You fucker! You threw me off! This is a co-op game!"

Felicia: "Oh this is so much fun! This is so much fun!"

Ryon: "We're off the screen."

Felicia: "Wait, what happened!?"

Ryon: "How did that kill us?"

Felicia: "You fucking piece of shit!

Felicia: "What the hell?"

Ryon: "That is what I imagine a 4Chan troll looks like. Fat kid wearing sunglasses and a giant computer. [in stereotypical geek voice] 'Excuzhe me, you guyzh are ruining video gamezh.'"

Felicia: "'Oh my god, you're single-handedly ruining video games.'"

Ryon: "'You're shingle-handedly ruining video gaming.'"

Felicia: "'Oh, masturbate, masturbate, masturbate!'"

Ryon: "Oh no, it can't be a 4Channer. There's a girl with him."

Ryon: "That was the quickest we've ever died! We're regressing!"

Ryon: "The moose knuckle. That's his special power."

Felicia: "What's a moose knuckle?"

Ryon laughs

Felicia: "What's a moose knuckle?"

Ryon: "A moose knuckle is when a man's penis and balls make an outline against his too-tight pants."

Felicia: "There's something wrong with my pad."

Ryon: "Suuure."

Felicia: "No, it's serious."

Ryon: "You're not just bad at the game."

Felicia: "Oh, I'm sorry, I just—"

Ryon: "You threw me."

Felicia: "Yeah! Oh, maybe shut the fuck up!!"

Ryon, laughing: "You're genuinely angry now! There's no more games with you!"

Ryon, as geeky boss: "'You're ruining my schuit! And video gaming!'"

Felicia: "I'm gonna try to keep as much vitality as possible, which is a good—"

Ryon: "That's generally a good strategy for any game. This is pro gaming tips by Felicia Day. 'Try not to let your life go down.'"

Felicia: "You are the worst!"

Ryon: "4… 3… 2… 1… kill him. Yeah! Moose knuckle down!"

Felicia: "Moose knuckle down!"

Ryon: "Take that, 4Chan!"

Felicia: "4Chaaaan!"

Ryon: "Now who's ruining video gaming, bitch?"

Cue points

2:15 Segment begins
2:18 Host intro
2:36 Game begins
7:19 Outro
7:28 Segment ends


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