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Felicia plays TNN Outdoors Bass Tournament '96.

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TNN Outdoors Bass Tournament '96
Platform Sega Genesis
Published American Softworks, 1996
Hosts Felicia Day
Director Sean Becker
Executive Producers Sheri Bryant
Felicia Day
Kim Evey
Sean Becker
Associate Producer Brit Weisman
Camera Sean Becker
Sound Leonardo Nasca
Theme Song Eanan Patterson
Flog Logo Design Adam Levermore
Opening Animation Efehan Elbi
Editing Sean Becker
Post Sound Neno Stevens
Visual Effects Stephen Sprinkles
Additional Music Kevin Macleod,
Stats (as of January 18, 2020)
First aired May 21, 2012
Duration 6:02
Views 213,691
Likes 4,143
Comments 780


Felicia: "He looks like a wanted poster, this guy. Right? Like a nondescript oval man face."

Felicia, reading: "'Bass and crappies—' [laughs] Wait, what? Does that say 'crappies'!? Alright, 'Bass and crappies—' [laughs] I can't say 'crappies'. That's not a fish name! Okay, well I just hope I catch a crappie. [laughs] I can't stop laughing. [laughs] I wanna catch me a crappie!"

Felicia: "I feel like this is a terrible game."

Felicia: "Is this like an environmental lesson that there are no more fish in Arkansas? 'Cause that's what I'm seeing right now."

Felicia: "On another note, the red-haired gentleman who is escorting us through this game? Fish Fishburne. His name is Fish Fishburne, and seriously, he's wearing a hat that says 'Team Grandma' on it."

Felicia: "I had fish tacos last night for dinner, so I feel like I'm overly qualified for this."

Felicia: "I have to say that I'm so excited that I got one fish, because I really don't wanna play this game anymore."

Character names

  • Felicia: "SOOZY_Q"

Cue points

0:13 Segment begins
0:16 Host intro
0:56 Game begins
5:44 Outro
5:53 Segment ends


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