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Felicia and Ryon play NBA Jam.

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Platform Sega Genesis
Published Midway, 1994
Hosts Felicia Day
Ryon Day
Director Sean Becker
Executive Producers Felicia Day
Sheri Bryant
Kim Evey
Sean Becker
Associate Producer Brit Weisman
Camera Omer Ganai
Sean Becker
Sound Neno Stevens
Theme Song Eanan Patterson
Flog Logo Design Adam Levermore
Opening Animation Efehan Elbi
Written By Eric Collin Campbell
Editing James Deuling
Ryan Cooper
Post Sound Neno Stevens
Post Coordinator Sophie Parkison
Visual Effects Stephen Sprinkles
Additional Music Kevin Macleod,
Stats (as of January 18, 2020)
First aired December 3, 2012
Duration 7:43
Views 163,749
Likes 4,714
Comments 741


Felicia: "Alright, we're back!"

Ryon: "Heyyyy. What do we got today?"

Felicia: "Uh, I guess right to it. Um, we are gonna do—"

Ryon: "I'm all business!"

Felicia: "These are not people on the team anymore, huh?"

Ryon: "No, you would hope not. That's why they aren't winning chamionships! They're still fielding players from '94."

Felicia: "I'm gonna be the rookies and I'm gonna be this Mattress guy. Look! Is his name Mattress and HBO?"

Ryon: "BOOM! Shakka-lakka!"

Felicia: "Am I even controlling CPU?"

Ryon: "No."

Felicia: "Oh, that's why he's better than the other one."

Ryon: "It's got a mind of its own. That's why he's better than you? That's why Mattress is doing better than HBO?"

Felicia: "How do you get the ball from the air though?"

Ryon: "'How do you get the ball from the air?' I don't even know what that means."

Felicia: "See, this is not fun! I don't know either of these sports, the video game sport or the regular sport that I'm playing now."

Ryon: "Oh, that must make you a casual gamer."

Felicia: "I think that the CPU is playing the one that's doing things."

Felicia: "I'M HILLARY CLINTON!! Look at her hair! It's so big!"

Felicia: "Negotiate like it's Israel. Come on."

Felicia: "She's like, 'Hey, Peru, Greece, what up. Fix your financial system. And here's three points in your face.'"

Ryon: "What the hell? Why are you doing so well?"

Felicia: "Because Hillary is playin'! She's bringing her game. 'Hey, Soviet Union! Stop with the trade embargoes, yo!'"

Ryon, laughing: "'Soviet Union'"

Ryon: "You're out, HBO! You're out! I'm benching your ass! Mattress, you're in!"

Felicia: "I WON!! I WON!! OH SHIT!!"

Felicia: "Well, this just goes to show you, LA Lakers, if you had Hillary Clinton on your team, you would have done better at the champ's."

Ryon: "And it just goes to show you that DJ Jazzy Jeff richly deserves his complete obscurity. You let me down, man. You're no Fresh Prince."


Felicia: "2 thumbs up"

Ryon: "2 thumbs up"

Cue points

1:21 Segment begins
1:24 Host intro
1:58 Game begins
6:15 Rating and outro
6:43 Segment ends


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